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Seja bem vinda directioner brasileira
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Anonymous asked: sdds de vcs

i miss u too - Ada

reasons why I love niall horan

↳ being shirtless

@joshdevinedrums: Catering! Chillin with @real_liam_payne!


I hadn’t had the chance to upload this, but my roommate asked Harry for a hug at the Dare to Dream signing in Skokie, Illinois on June 2nd, and he said “Sure, get up here,” but security jumped between them and prevented it from happening, yelling “This is a SIGNING.

My roommate looked so upset, and Harry kept apologizing, then said “Let me kiss your hand.”

This is the picture I got from my point of view before security yelled at me to put my phone away.

“I wanna hold you tight” (x)